Melissa Smith, Shane Victorino Wedding

November 6, 2009

Melissa Smith and Shane Victorino’s wedding is set for November 14, and guess who will be there! Reality TV sensation Jon Gosselin is rumored to be attending the ceremony in Hawaii. Read more below.

Melissa Smith and Shane Victorino

Here are the quick facts about the couples wedding plans. It’s set for mid November, and it will take place in the baseball player’s home state. So the weather should be nothing but delightful. Oh yeah, last but certainly not least, the worlds most controversial reality star and father of eight is going to be there, according to TMZ.

The two did an interview with not too long ago, well, by interview I mean Victorino spoke for the most part and Jon interjected once or twice.

That’s all we could dig up about the wedding, other than that info Shane Victorino has done an outstanding job of keeping the main details on the DL. Perhaps as we draw nearer to its date there will be more details revealed, and hopefully afterwards a bunch of pictures and video.

In other news about the all-star, he helped lead the Philadelphia Phillies to the 2009 World Series where they were defeated by the New York Yankees four games to two.

Lets take a look at this year’s stats for The Flyin’ Hawaiian. He participated in 156 games, had 620 at bats, and 10 home runs. His batting average was .292, and he stole 25 bases, which is 11 less than last year.

Tell us your thoughts about the Melissa Smith, Shane Victorino wedding in our comment section. You’ll also find pictures and a video below.

Melissa Smith and Shane VictorinoShane Victorino

Photos: Nikki Nelson/Hugh Dillon/

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