Coach Nancy Lieberman, Girl Power!

November 6, 2009

Coach Nancy Lieberman has been tapped to coach the Dallas Mavericks’ affiliate team in the NBA’s D League. Woot, girl power! Get more of the scoop here.

Nancy Lieberman

A longtime player and coach, Nancy Lieberman will become the first woman to lead a D-League team in the NBA.

Donnie Nelson, Dallas Mavericks president, said, “She’s got the skins, the experience — she knows what she’s doing — so I certainly hope that we’re well beyond those issues. Besides, if you can’t respect authority, no matter what form or color it comes in, I don’t want you on my team.”

Joining Lieberman on the coaching staff will be Del Harris, former NBA coach, as the team General Manager, and Spud Webb, former Atlanta Hawks player will serve as President of basketball operations. The Frisco team will start playing next November.

As a 28 year resident of the Dallas area, coaching the Frisco team allows her to be close to the homefront, as she expressed her desire to be able to watch her teenager, T.J., play basketball. The 51-year-old Hall of Famer currently works for ESPN as an analyst.

What are your thoughts about Coach Nancy Lieberman? Leave me a comment! Kudos to Donnie Nelson as his top choice to lead this D-League team. I am hoping that this paves the way for women to possibly coach or in the NBA. I can only hope. See more pictures of her plus video below.

Nancy Lieberman Nancy Lieberman

Photos: Nikki Nelson/ WENN,

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