A-Rod and Kate

November 5, 2009

While so far the romance between actress Kate Hudson and sportsman Alex Rodriguez has not been confirmed, after a new picture of the love birds left little to ask.

Rumors and comments have been coming and going since last May when they were spotted dining at Lure Fishbar of the city of New York. Obviously until then they were just rumors but weeks later, when she stopped filming her new movie The Killer Inside Me to travel to Dallas all took a different tone.

For over a month, Kate has been present at the baseball field encouraging the athlete from the stands at the New York Yankees games. In fact, only a few weeks ago we saw her encouraging her love with her brother, Oliver and stepfather Kurt Russell.

Although the pictures all over clarify all doubts, the couple continues without commenting to reporters. Maybe it’s because both have young children. Kate meanwhile, has Ryder, the fruit of her relationship with singer Chris Robinson, whom she divorced in 2007, and Alex has two daughters, Natasha, and Ella , the result of his marriage to Cynthia Curtis.

Well, the important thing is that these two are no longer hiding their love. And they look so happy together, not to mention Hot!!!

Other comments have been said that Alex has left behind those infamous days of playoffs, a stage in which the highest paid player at the time had never been able to produce as expected. Now in this 2009 has become an offensive machine and on Sunday gave one of the key hits for the third victory of the New York Yankees over the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

My theory is that A-Rod has always been a great hitter, a big producer and had simply not had good luck in previous playoffs. But the theory of David Wells, former Yankees pitcher, is much more interesting.

According to Wells, A-Rod has had this great performance thanks to his engagement with the beautiful actress Kate Hudson, who had learned a more uninhibited, a new philosophy of life that resolves to “I do not care.”

Wells says that Hudson has taught Rodriguez to have fun on the field, no matter what else and without any pressure and then is having his best production.

If this were true, then the Yankees will have to make an extra ring of champions and give it to Hudson.

Do you think all this around A-Rod has been thanks to Kate Hudson? Why A-Rod is experiencing a great postseason? Well let’s say anyone with love around them brings nothing but great things to their lives.

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One Response to “A-Rod and Kate”

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    liuey Says:

    alex rodreguez confessed to steroid use, that in itself is a huge burden off his shoulders, the truth always sets a person free, nothing to do with this kate hudson girl, shes not the one training or doing all the hard work gotnothing to do with her, she might think so. its taken the distruction of his marriage for him to realise what hes done to his family, his infidelity has completely distroyed cynthias life & his daughters lives. maybe hudson will get the better side of him.