Caroline Celico is Kaká’s Wife

November 4, 2009

Caroline Celico is the beautiful wife of this young, charismatic, soccer player, straight from the country of Samba the one and only Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or as most people know him Kaká.

Caroline Celico Lyra was born on July 26th, 1987 in São Paulo, Brazil to Celso Celico and Rosangela Lyra who happens to be Dior’s director in Brazil.

She attended at St. Paul’s British School when she was in High School. This gorgeous Brazilian model met her husband when they were only children, both devoted Christians, got married in December 2005 and welcomed their first son Luca last year.

As a Christian herself, she just became pastor and will open a Christian church Reborn in Christ in Madrid where she lives, now that Kaká is playing for Real Madrid. Kaká is a member of An Athlete for Christ.

When she was interviewed about the decision regarding the church she said “God put in the hands of Real Madrid the money to have Kaká, it was a blessing and God wants us in Madrid. So meanwhile daddy scores, we are going to smash the devil´s head.”

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One Response to “Caroline Celico is Kaká’s Wife”

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    burimi Says:

    o kaka je ma ska contigo Mirei es usted el que más lejtari con du mir ma bot es mejor que todas las demás personas sin tdu shumm sin más soy de los que nosotros dojm shummmm kosovaa (Y)