Mark Littell Is The Nutty Buddy (Video)

December 11, 2007

Mark Littell, a former Kansas City Royal and St. Louis Cardinal, has designed a new athletic cup, The Nutty Buddy, that he is hoping baseball players will try. He has even gone and posted a video on YouTube to show everyone that he’s willing to risk having his nuts permanently damaged by having a pitching machine pellet him between the legs. (The hilarious video is below.)

Littell claims that The Nutty Buddy is anatomically correct, thus making it more comfortable. He says that unlike other athletic cups out there, the Nutty Buddy is “wider, deeper and full of curves”. It comes in four different sizes….even an XL size…”Mongo”. Hmmm…..

It is a little bit on the pricey side…$19.95 a cup, but Littell is hoping that parents will buy it for their sons to wear and it will get them to wear athletic cups more often.

Oh sure…every pubescent boy would just love to have that sitting under the Christmas tree this year…

Check out the video of Mark Littell and The Nutty Buddy below.

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