Lorrie Nantz, Jim Nantz Divorce

November 3, 2009

A ruling has finally been made in the Lorrie Nantz, Jim Nantz divorce case. The CBS sports announcer will shell out just a little over $900,000 a year in child support and alimony. Read more below.

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The man who’s been described as America’s “most prominent sportscaster” has been ordered by the court to pay big bucks to his ex-wife. After over a quarter century of marriage the two decided to go their separate ways. So, who’s to blame for the split up? The case Judge Howard Owens believes neither party is responsible.

Even though there was another woman in the picture before the divorce was final, it was ruled that “this remote event in no way contributed to the breakdown of the marriage,” according to the AP. In other words, the marriage was over along time ago in the judge’s eyes.

After finally coming to the realization that marriage counseling wasn’t working, the 50-year-old sportscaster initiated the divorce.

Even if the sum of the ruling sounds a bit excessive, Nantz has no problem forking it over. His attorney Gaetano Ferro announced that Nantz only wants what’s best for his daughter, so he won’t challenge the terms of the ruling.

As a biography, Lorrie Nantz was married to her ex-husband in 1983. They have one daughter together named Caroline Nantz. She was employed as a marketing director for Dr. Rober Jarvik until 1988.

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broken heart

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