Mother of Joba Chamberlain, Jackie Standley, Faces 20 Years In Prison

November 3, 2009

Bad news for Joba Chamberlain. Jackie Standley, his mother, pleaded no contest yesterday on felony drug charges and may face up to 20 years in prison. Read more about the story here.

Jackie Standley

Jackie Standley was arrested in May of this year for selling meth (0.6 grams to be exact) to an undercover Lincoln, Nebraska officer. The charge – ‘delivery of an exceptionally hazardous drug’, is a Class 2 felony.

Judge Karen Flowers scheduled Standley’s sentencing for December 16th, pending a recommendation from CenterPointe, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Lincoln.

Joba Chamberlain was mostly raised by his father, Harlan. It has been widely reported that Standley has been estranged from Joba for a number of years, but she maintains that she had been involved in his life. She told the Lincoln Journal Star last year:

“No. I wasn’t the greatest mother. But in the bad choices I made, I in turn made good choices. And one was for them to be with their dad a lot.”

In addition to the drug charges, Standley found herself in trouble again in July, when she left a threatening message on an ex-friend’s cell phone, allegedly telling her, “You’d better disappear. Keep your eyes open.” She was charged with ‘disturbing the peace’. The ex-friend was not identified.

Even though Joba and his mother have been estranged, he did say following her arrest in May, “She’s still my mom and I still love her.”

Just a sad story all around for both Joba Chamberlain & Jackie Standley. What are your thoughts, readers? Feel free to leave me a comment. Check out video of Joba’s DUI arrest earlier this year below.

Jackie Standley

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