Tim Donaghy Accusations Force NBA Investigation

November 2, 2009

Tim Donaghy accusations that were posted online recently have prompted the NBA to now investigate the charges made by the former NBA ref. Get the deatils here.


The Tim Donaghy accusations are revealed in a tell all book he wrote while in prison, Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA.

The publisher, Random House, has decided against distributing the book. Spokesman Stuart Applebaum released the following statement:

“After a close legal review of the final manuscript of ‘Blowing the Whistle’ by Tim Donaghy, and our independent evaluation of some of the author’s sources and statements, Triumph Books and Random House have decided not to go forward with the book’s publication,” spokesman Stuart Applebaum said in a statement. “Our decision is wholly our own and was made without consultation with any outside parties or individuals.”

Excerpts from the book were leaked online by Deadpin. Definitely an interesting read.

Even though the book deal (which was intended to publish this month) is not moving forward, these latest allegations by the former NBA ref will still be forwarded to Lawrence B. Pedowitz, who originally reviewed the NBA officiating program immediately following the 2007 gambling scandal.

So what are your thoughts on the latest Tim Donaghy accusations? Do you believe them? It makes me sick that this guy still continues to remain in the limelight. Good riddance that his book is no longer being published. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. See video of Donaghy below…

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One Response to “Tim Donaghy Accusations Force NBA Investigation”

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    fatbutt Says:

    Wow, reading excerpts from this book, it sure puts things in perspective. Way beyond anything I’ve ever thought and I’ve been watching since the late 70’s. This is why I won’t pay crazy ticket prices. Unbelievable! All about the dollars. For Espn it sure puts a damper on their programming. Oh wait, it’s entertainment sports network. Gee, might as well put wrestling on to follow the NBA. I feel like I’ve been violated. I mean, it’s not like they tried to hide much. Any kind of investigation could have picked this up. I hope Congress is reading this. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!! The American citizen again being fooled, by sports no less. One of the only things we can escape to. No more. All my conspiracy theories, they’re true, and more. Vindication, in a nauseating way. AARRGGHHH!!!
    I mean, this is dictating the OUTCOME of games, it’s not like steroids, where it’s an individual thing. All the records, all the hall of famers, all the great wins and agonizing losses, it’s all bs. I’m so distraught, mainly cuz I love the game. Now I look tonight, and first thing that comes to mind is, “is it real?”