Tim Tebow: Rushing Touchdown’s Record Set

October 31, 2009

How many Tim Tebow rushing touchdowns have we seen accumulated up to this point over the course of his college career? The answer is 51, which also just happens to be the new SEC record. Read more below.

Tim Tebow 1

In a lopsided victory over the Georgia Bulldogs today, quarterback Tim Tebow set the new SEC record for rushing TDs. In the process of setting the new mark, the Florida Gators poster boy passed Herschel Walker, who has now been demoted down to second with 49 TDs. Rounding out the top 5 on the exclusive list are Kevin Faulk (#3), Carnell Williams (#4), and Dalton Hilliard (#5).

Lets take a gander at some of Tebow’s other stats on the day. With this victory he has lead Florida to 17 consecutive wins, he rushed for 164 yards, and was responsible for four TDs in all.

Another notable feat was Caleb Sturgis’ kicking a whopping 56-yd field goal. Wow!

It seemed like from the moment the two teams took the field that it was lights out for Georgia. Honestly tho, did anybody really think they stood a chance besides their fans? And I don’t even think that most of them thought that their team would win.

This new record also comes as a means for anyone who isn’t a Gator fan to hate the elusive quarterback. I mean the trash talk has already commenced. Yeah “he can do it in college, but just wait till he get to the NFL”. I say bull crap! Give the man his due now, because he will most likely dominate on a professional level too.

Thoughts? Those belong in the comment section.

Check out pictures and also a video with highlights of Tim Tebow setting the SEC record for most rushing touchdowns below.

Tim Tebow 1Tim Tebow 2

Photos: prphotos.com

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