Cliff Lee: Catch Video(s)

October 29, 2009

By now you’ve probably seen it, the Cliff Lee catch video, I mean videos, from last night’s World Series game that has everyone talking! Read more about the story below!

Cliff Lee

In last night’s Game 1 of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees (where the Phillies won 6-1), many were able to see Cliff Lee catch (video below) a fly ball albeit nonchalantly and then again later, a must see behind the back grab.

So let’s talk about the the first video that I have below. Here we see Lee pitching to Johnny Damon in the 6th inning, a pop fly that he barely moves over for and catches with no emotion whatsoever. Oh wait…he does roll his eyes afterward. Pretty funny if you ask me. Or as many are saying, kinda cocky on his part. Whatever. I still think it’s pretty funny. It even put a smile on manager Charlie Manuel’s face. He said, “He was trying to pull a Willie Mays on us or something.”

The second video, an amazing catch if you ask me, occurred in the 8th. Check it out as Lee went behind his back and caught a one bouncer off of Robinson Cano. He later said, “I don’t know how I caught that ball.” Ya gotta admit, that was one helluva a catch, eh?

Check out the Cliff Lee catch video(s) below. You won’t be disappointed! And leave me your comments…Yankees or Phillies?


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One Response to “Cliff Lee: Catch Video(s)”

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    Harley Morrisson Says:

    Great videos, bet they get a lot of air time.