Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s Hot Dog Sneak! (Video)

October 27, 2009

Have you heard about the Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s hot dog sneak yet? If not, the good news is that a CBS cameraman caught the humorous incident on video. Read more below.

hot dog

Not only did New York Jets fans get to see their team devour the Oakland Raiders last Sunday, but they also got to witness quarterback Mark Sanchez devour a hot dog. In the video you can see number 6 attempting to slyly hide the pork link as he wolfed it down.

You may ask, what was the reason behind his in game snack break? Well, Sanchez admitted after the game that he was unable to eat much all week, because he had been feeling sick. Nonetheless, he still apologized for the incident.

Although, no one has really chastised the quarterback for his episode of hunger, the apology probably came as a means to protect his image. In other words, darn the Raiders are so easy to beat that I can enjoy a delicious snack while doing so.

And who knows? Maybe this will spark a new trend, in which every winning quarterback will enjoy a victory wiener.

Check out the “Mark Sanchez Hot Dog Sneak” video below, and then tell us your opinion in our comment section.

hot dog

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