Dodgers Husband Fires Wife, Jamie McCourt!

October 26, 2009

It’s not every day you hear that a Los Angeles Dodgers husband fires wife. And no, it is not what you think. Read all about the story of Jamie McCourt. See her photos and video too.

dodgers husband fires wife
Photo: Jamie McCourt (Left)

Unfortunately this story is not one of those player wife swapping things which the major league swingers like to do when their wives don’t perform well in bed. Instead, this is the owner Frank McCourt fed up with his wife’s performance in the front office.

We might add that Jamie McCourt is separated from her charitable husband which may give him all the reason to assess her output more closely. The couple became recently estranged so her lucrative job as Dodgers CEO came under very close scrutiny indeed.

He sent her a Dear Jamie love letter which includes this romantic prose:

Your actions, including, but not limited to, your insubordination, non-responsiveness, failure to follow procedures, and inappropriate behavior with regard to a direct subordinate, have made this decision necessary.

A long legal battle is brewing. California is home to the Dodgers, and California happens to be a community property state. Frank McCourt may think he owns the Dodgers, but Jamie McCourt may have a reasonable claim to 50% as well as co-owner. She may have just as much right to fire his ass!

Especially so considering they have been married for 30 years, separating only last week. The Jamie McCourt biography tidbits include that she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, majored in French language at Georgetown, and holds a law degree and an MBA from MIT. This woman is not chopped liver. The couple have four sons including Drew who also happens to work in the Dodgers front office.

For those not following baseball as closely as muah, Jamie McCourt is probably doing a fantastic job as CEO and Dodgers wife. The Dodgers have made the playoffs the last two years after a long period of mostly mediocrity. Score one for the wife.

Dodgers Husband fires wife as CEO and owner? Fire him. See pictures of Jamie McCourt and a cool video below.

Jamie McCourtJamie McCourtdodgers husband fires wife

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9 Responses to “Dodgers Husband Fires Wife, Jamie McCourt!”

  1. 1
    Robert Spratt Says:

    How do you know she is doing a fantastic job? Just because see has several degrees does not mean she is CEO material. I know a lot of individuals with degrees that I would not let mow my lawn. Just do us all a favor, get off of your big soap box and iron my shirts.


  2. 2
    Ruth Says:

    Tell him he is fired! She has just as much rights as him. You go girl. I’m going to see a ball game, the american passtime.

  3. 3
    Coda Says:

    Owning half the team, even if that is the case, does not give one the right to fire one’s boss. It’s called structure…she’s not his boss. Clearly, your comments come from a misguided sense of gender. Just because she’s female does not make her a good employee. Your attitude perpetuates sexism.

  4. 4
    jaba Says:

    too bad so many women have so little self respect in that they feel entitled to things when they have not earned them or even so much as worked an ounce to receive the benefit of whatever it is. and then to receive 50% of whatever it is. they do say the oldest profession is prostitution – same thing!

  5. 5
    Beckie Says:

    Truth of the matter is, if he hasn’t given her written warning… he can’t up and fire her. In addition, the timing is a bit suspisous. She has always done an acceptable job, they seperate and the next week she is not an acceptable employee. Sounds to me like he is throwing his weight around because of the seperation.

  6. 6
    Robert Says:


    How do you know she has done an acceptable job? And just because she is married to this guy should not give her legal claim to 50% of the team. I know it probably will but it should not.

  7. 7
    steve Says:

    California is an “at will” employment state. Also, could you please learn to use “spell check?

  8. 8
    Fran Woulard Says:

    It’s typical for men to take a mans side & for women to take the womans side. You are all out of the loop on what actually has transpired over the past thirty years. You don’t know if she did indeed do an acceptable job or not. Time will tell. But I do have to look at two things we do know. He had 5.5 years to fire her. The timing does seem to point at sour grapes. Neither should be allowed to fire anyone until all is ironed out in court. And yes, the law does state the wife has rights to 50%. That has nothing to do with the Dodgers. She ran his home, birthed his babies, raised those children, entertained his guests, among others for thirty years. My husband used to assume I did very little until I left to take care of my sick father. He had to take time off from work when I got back home because he was exhausted. He finally figured out what it was like to be a wife while holding down a job. I have been treated with a new found respect since then. I will not form an opinion until the facts are in. Thank God, the courts don’t base decisions on emotion or anger.

  9. 9
    Kevin Says:

    She was shagging a direct subordinate??? Did you actually read the letter, or just focus on your hilarious “romantic prose” reference?