High Jumper Amy Acuff (Biography)

October 25, 2009

Meet high jumper and picture perfect beauty Amy Acuff, who is often referred to by track & field enthusiasts as one of the sports most attractive leading ladies. Read more below.


Not only did L.A. provide Acuff with a place to train for her sport, it’s also where she made the transition from not only an athlete, but also into a model. Often she would sport unique outfits during photo shoots in an attempt to garner more attention for high jumping, which more times than not is overlooked.

What is the secret to her phenomenal body and appearance? On the surface that question looks blatantly obvious (Duh! She does athletic training on the daily basis, right?). However, the fact of the matter is that although keeping physically fit does attribute to her good health, she also is very knowledgeable in non-traditional forms of medicine such as acupuncture, in which she is a licensed practitioner.

As a biography:

When was she born? July 14, 1975. Where was she born? Port Arthur, Texas. Where does she currently live? Northern California. What is her husband’s name? Tye Harvey. Where did she go to college? UCLA. Her height is 6ft 2in, and her weight is 145 lb.

It was at UCLA that she filled out her tremendous track & field resume, while earning a degree in Biology. In 1995, while still attending college, she set the collegiate high jump record at 6’ 6”.

Included amongst her honors are feats such as being ranked #1 in the nation on three occasions, and in the past 10 years never falling below number 3. Her tenacity in poll vaulting has landed her at the Olympic games on two occasions, once in 1996 and again in 2000.

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