Juan Pablo Montoya, Bob Griese NASCAR Comment (Taco Video)

October 24, 2009

Here is the Bob Griese NASCAR comment video in which he declares Juan Pablo Montoya is having/eating a taco. The racially insensitive comment may land Griese in a world of trouble with the ESPN network and their advertisers.

Bob Griese Nascar commentBob Griese Juan Pablo Montoya taco
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The incident occurred on October 24th 2009, during the University of Minnesota, Ohio State University football game in which the broadcasters were promoting an upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup auto race series.

Five NASCAR drivers were shown on the screen which did not include Juan Pablo Montoya. One of the announcers, Chris Spielman, asks “where is Juan Pablo Montoya” although it is not clear why they care. The response by Bob Griese was “he is out having a taco.” Ironically he happens to be the “color guy” on the broadcast.

As a biography Juan Pablo Montoya was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1975, not Mexico. You can read more about his background on the official NASCAR page.

Montoya’s Colombian heritage makes the Bob Griese NASCAR comment not only racially insensitive but reveals Bob Griese’s ignorance. It’s news to me that Colombians eat tacos. If Bob Griese wants to make a moronic, geographically insensitive comment, he could have at least says that Juan Pablo Montoya was out harvesting his cocaine plantation. Sheez.

Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán drives the #42 car which just happens to be sponsored by Target and Chevrolet. Can anyone spell advertisers? I knew you could. Expect that those advertisers will be hearing from Mexican-Americans, and that in turn ESPN will be hearing from Target and Chevrolet.

And that means, you racing fans and concerned citizens, that Bob Griese will be hearing from ESPN. Oh yes, he heard from them already before the game even ended. At the very end came an awkward Bob Griese apology after the word must have gotten down to him.

Bob Griese’s apology:
“Juan Pablo Montoya, you know he’s one of the best drivers in NASCAR [untrue]. I just want to apologize for the comment that I made earlier in the ballgame.”


Then later ESPN issued an official statement that Griese would be issuing yet another apology. Will the apology be accepted? Our guess is not so fast. You can read what ESPN had to say already right here.

Now watch the Bob Griese, Juan Pablo Montoya NASCAR comment video in which he associated the driver with having tacos because his name sounds Mexican. Then tell us what you think below.

(Bob Griese Taco Video)

Juan Pablo Montoya Photo: Kim Phillips

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14 Responses to “Juan Pablo Montoya, Bob Griese NASCAR Comment (Taco Video)”

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  1. 1
    Dr. K. A. Says:

    Yes, we may have gotten a little too politically correct these days, but until great injustices are no longer hurting anyone, we must all sacrifice by being more sensitive than we probably should have to be. Sen. Bill Bradley (White male, 3 time All-American out of Princeton, Rhodes Scholar (look up what being a Rhodes Scholar means) and Former NBA great with the NY Knicks) said it best: “If you have never sat down and had a serious conversation with someone of a different race, about race, then you are part of the problem.” For you conservatives, I’m guessing none of you reading this are respected as much as Billy Graham. He says, “Few issues trouble our world so persistently as the conflict between different races and backgrounds…Of all people Christians should be concerned about racial strife.” This was just a little something for those of you who are disillusioned by thinking only people of color are concerned about racism. As far as you racist out there, I’ve fought for equality for over twenty years. I’ve learned a great lesson the hard way. The lesson is, there are evil people walking this planet and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Therefore it is better to be too politically correct, than to allow evil to have its way with us. Bob Griese apologized so let’s move on.

  2. 2
    CMB Says:

    I agree with Dr. K.A. – Griese made an unfortunate slip and apologized for it publicly before the media storm began. He’s a class act and a true gentleman from my experience with him. I’m sure he’s dealing with a great deal of embarrassment and regret over the situation. He’s not the insensitive type who’d just slough it off and ignore it. (Question: Why did Spielman single out Montoya with his question?)

    Also, Montoya IS one of the top drivers in NASCAR, contrary to the editorial insertion in Griese’s quote. You don’t just drop into the Chase for the Cup (the top 12 drivers for the season) in only three years of NASCAR racing without having some kind of talent, which he’s already displayed in Formula 1 and Indy racing.

  3. 3
    DC Says:

    The probable reason Spielman asked about Montoya was becasue he had been ranked third in the Cup points standings prior to the race Charlotte the week earlier, where a poor showing dropped him back to sixth.

  4. 4
    geah Says:

    I like tacos.

  5. 5
    DS Says:

    I say people “get over it”. We all tend to blow such little things up into such gigantic “wrongs”. Griese made an off the cuff remark not unlike thousands that are made every day by people of EVERY race, creed, gender, what have you. If we all had to watch every word we said, every day, to everyone we were talking to, this world would become a pretty quiet world to live in. I must say though, that I would rather have 100 Bob Grieses making these kind of comments than 1 person like Al Sharpton!! He offends me every time he speaks, yet no one asks him to apologize. Kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?!

  6. 6
    JIM MIZE Says:

    Are we so uptight that we all can’t take a joke? I bet Montoya laughed his ass off. Why does everything we say has to wind up being fodder for the ACLU. Relax and commit to all the harsh things going around the world. Does anyone think a mexican american in Afganistan is offended by this? GET A LIFE

  7. 7
    John Green Says:

    What is offensive about eating a taco? Everyone eats tacos, I suppose if Bob had said he is eating at Taco Bell it would have been oK. What is racist about the taco? If the aforementioned ahd been made about Kyle Petty, would ESPN have suspended him?

  8. 8
    CastlesTall Says:

    Damn, you can’t say anything these days. I grew up in the 60s and 70s. I have seen very stupid and vicious things said. I am glad the world has gotten a little better but we are going way too far. My wife is Colombian. Of course, she never heard of a taco till she got America. It’s a Mexican thing. People always assume all Spanish people are Mexican. Anyway, this is a non-issue!!!!!

  9. 9

    I grew up having the up most respect for Bob Griese. He has always been and still have my upmost respect. We are all human and I totally believe he did not mean anything behind that comment. I am Mexican- American and I believe Mexican food is enjoyed by alot of people and glad he mentions that food in a positive way! Bob Greise apologized to the nation on national TV. Leave it be. :-)

  10. 10

    Maybe Montoya has developed a taste for a good taco. We wouldn’t be hearing anything about this had Griese had said he went out for a hamburger. Who knows, maybe Montoya likes tacos better than burgers.

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