Post-Rehab Michael Beasley’s Party Photos

October 24, 2009

This month, NBA star Michael Beasley’s party photos caused some to wonder if his recent visit to rehab was all for naught, yet reps for the team claim he hasn’t had a sip.

Michael Beasley

The party pics aren’t exactly the kind you would want circulating the net after you just got out of rehab. They show Beasley and a young lady friend totally passed out on a boat with beer bottles scattered everywhere—but was he drinking?

TMZ obtained a statement from team officials, which said he was on a “fishing trip arranged by the team,” and that “Michael was not drinking at all … except for water and purple Gatorade.” As for the lady who is out cold next to him? They say she’s just a friend.

If he has been abstaining, I have to give him credit. It’s no easy task to go out on a boat with a bunch of people drinking and not fall to temptation. It’s not like he could have left or walked out to get some fresh air if he felt the urge. He must have some real will power.

It seems several people involved echoed the claim that he didn’t slip on the trip. Sports Illustrated reports that even the boat’s captain says he didn’t “consume or even touch” any alcohol.

The verdict? Give the man a break. Unless you’ve got video or eyewitness accounts, you’ve got nothing! Plus, knowing his career could be on the line if he made a mistake, I’m sure his teammates wouldn’t contribute to something like that.

Check out a video of Michael Beasley. Party photos are available here.

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