Sahel Kazemi Text Messages To Steve McNair Revealed

October 20, 2009

The Sahel Kazemi text messages between herself and Steve McNair have been released. Police in Nashville released a case summary which include 50 of the texts exchanged two hours prior to Kazemi allegedly killing McNair and later killing herself. Read more about the story below.

Sahel Kazemi Steve McNair

On July 3rd, Kazemi sent McNair a message that she was stressed and needed $2,000 to pay her bills.

She was under so much stress that she mentioned she may have a breakdown and at one point may need to go to the hospital because of difficulty breathing.

The messages reveal that money was transferred, by someone who was instructed by McNair to do so. She later told McNair (three times) that she wanted to see him that night and was headed to his condo. At 12:38 A.M., he told her that he was en route and to leave the door unlocked.

The summary revealed that a law firm camera (a business in the area) shows footage of the back of the condo (where Kazemi’s and McNair’s bodies were found on July 4), and no activity could be seen.

The restaurant shift manager where Kazemi worked disclosed that it looked as if something was bothering Kazemi on the 3rd of July. Kazemi told her she was arrested for DUI on July 2nd. The manager asked her about her roommate moving and McNair’s divorce.

“And she (Kazemi) just rolled her eyes. Kazemi said, “My life is just (awful) and I should end it.”

Reports have surfaced that another woman, Leah Ignagni, had also been seeing McNair. Ignagni said she had noticed a woman was following her in a black Escalade two weeks prior to McNair’s death. McNair and Kazemi are co-registered on a 2007 black Escalade.

Go here to see some of the Sahel Kazemi text messages to Steve McNair. More details are here as well.

Sahel Kazemi Steve McNair

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