Adriana Henao is Helio Castroneves’ Girlfriend

October 13, 2009

Meet Adriana Henao, Helio Castroneves’ girlfriend and soon to be mother of his daughter, Mikaella. Although, whether or not wedding plans have been made has yet to be revealed, Castroneves did say that marriage would be the “natural next step.” Read more below.

Helio Castroneves

Wedding bells could soon be ringing for the DWTS’ season four champion, and his lovely girlfriend Adriana. The two lovebirds announced today that they are expecting a girl towards the end of the year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if marriage soon ensued. reports that the expecting couple’s first choice of name for the baby was Indy, but after careful consideration decided to go with Mikaella instead. I think the latter of the two names is a good decision (What do you think?). I mean should Eli Manning name his first child Super bowl just because he won one? Or perhaps Tiger Woods should name his kid Masters. So kudos to the soon to be parents for not making their child go through life with a name like Indy. Dear Reader, if this is your name I apologize…

Helio also went on to tell the gossip site that this was a challenging year for him. This statement is in reference to the IRS coming after him on tax evasion charges earlier in the year, for which he was later acquitted.

Do you think that Adriana Henao and Helio Castroneves make for a cute couple? Don’t be shy. Tell us in our comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

Helio Castroneves 1Helio Castroneves 2Helio Castroneves 3Helio Castroneves

Photos: Charles Iris /Jeff Daly/HRC/

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