Rosi Sexton: MMA PhD Fighter

October 12, 2009

Meet Rosi Sexton – MMA has been deemed by many as a barbaric sport, so what is this PhD recipient doing as a cage fighter? Get the scoop here.

Math Equation

Taking a page out of superman’s book there are dual sides to Rosi Sexton. One side is her unassuming intellectual side, but as soon as she takes off the glasses and changes into her cape (not literally) she transforms into a lean mean fighting machine. Ready to take on any challenger, the female powerhouse currently holds a record of 10-1-0.

Her first tactic while inside the ring is to get inside of her opponent’s head. She does this by demonstrating her math skills by counting off the number of blows landed. One, two, three, four, five… She then begins to multiply the licks out loud by the count left on the clock, only to divide the sum by the number of people in the cage (including herself). And just when her opponent can’t bear to hear another equation, the doctor of Math at Manchester multiplies that number by the total amount of people in the audience. Leaving the challenger dazed, confused, and in some cases completely immobile. This of course is not true in any way, so I apologize for going off on a tangent (Pun intended…sorry).

As a biography, Rosi Sexton was born July 16, 1977. This makes her 32-years-old. It has been over a decade and a half since she began her studies in martial arts, and in that time she has earned two black belts. The reason she so eagerly pursues her passion for fighting is the same reason she pursues academics “because of the challenge”. Friends and colleagues also revere her as an extremely dedicated person who is willing and able to tackle any challenge that presents itself. If you know anything else about the multi-faceted fighter, please do share with us in our comment section.


You will find a Rossi Sexton MMA fight below, or click here for pictures of the PhD fighter.

Math Equation

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