12-Year-Old Jennifer Valdivia’s Home Run Lawsuit

October 10, 2009

Have you heard about 12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia’s home run lawsuit? If not, she is the little girl who was almost swindled out of a HR ball that was rightfully hers. Get the rest of the scoop here.


It was just another ordinary summer day at the ballpark as Jennifer Valdivia and her family watched the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Florida Marlins. That of course was until something extraordinary happened. All-Star Ryan Howard was stuck on homerun number 199, and all he needed was one more to clinch the record for the player with the fewest number of games played to hit 200 out of the park. And that is exactly what happened.

Howard with one swift crack of the bat set the mark at 658 career games, and became the player quickest to reach 200 HR. However, as fascinating as that story is, this story is about something else. This story is about a little girl who was spending a joyous afternoon with her family watching a sport dubbed “Americas Past Time.” A little girl who managed to catch the ever so elusive homerun ball that most fans dream about catching, and then had that dream temporarily stolen from her with one foul swoop of corporate greed.

After Valdivia snagged the ball that was hit into the right-field bleachers, she had just enough time to call her mother to tell her about the excitement before having her prize confiscated. A rep for the Marlins was sent to retrieve Valdivia and her older brother to take them to the Phillies’ clubhouse. Once there, a staff member for the Phillies told the children that if they handed the ball over they could meet Howard after the game, and get him to sign it. The children complied, and were rewarded with cotton candy and cola.

The game came to its conclusion, which leads us to where this story gets its unjust start. The family patiently waited outside the clubhouse for the Phillies slugger to show, but he never did. Instead, a security guard approached them with a ball signed by Howard, but it wasn’t the one Valdivia had originally caught. This was a new one, and in the words of the 12-year-old girl “the fake one.”

All’s well that ends well, and this case is no exception. After the family of the little girl sued she got her ball back giving this sad story its only acceptable ending.

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