Olympics Golf: International Olympic Committee wants Tiger Woods!

October 9, 2009

Did you hear about Olympics golf? The International Olympic Committee is strongly considering adding the sport in 2016 for Rio. Obviously the allure of Tiger Woods’ marketing potential is too much for their greedy ways. Read the story here and see a publicity video.

olympics golf

Does anyone really believe that the general public wants to watch golf during the summer Olympics? They might as well turn watching-grass-grow into an Olympic sport. After all they canceled it already way back in 1904. Of course most people won’t want to watch it, but that’s where the marketing comes into play.

Read more about the prospects for Olympics golf here and here and here.

The reason golf survives long hours on TV is that the small number of viewers are very affluent and a perfect target audience for selling. Golf balls, golf bags, retirement homes, and other endorsements litter the airways during play.

And nobody is bigger in sports now than Tiger Woods himself. Just think of the TV revenue and endorsements that the biggest star in the world would bring to the Olympic games.

There is already an Olympic Golf Committee sponsored by the professional golf federation which is pushing for it, and our guess is there is little resistance.

Olympics golf? International Olympic Committee Stupid? Not a chance. It’s brilliant. Now watch the video and tell us what you think.

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