Serena Williams’ ESPN Magazine Cover

October 7, 2009

Tennis icon Serena Williams graced this month’s cover of ESPN magazine, in which she looks to be entirely in the buff. Get the rest of the scoop here.

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In this month’s special “Body Issue” of ESPN Magazine, Williams is featured on the cover wearing nothing but a smile. One of her arms is crossed, I assume to cover up her cleavage, while the other arm is propping up her head, as she sits cross-legged. The background is a solid white, which contrasts perfectly against her red lipstick and toenail polish.

At 28-years-of-age Serena looks dazzling as she shows off her incredible attributes for the camera, and all of America for that matter. So would you believe it if I told you that at one point the Tennis goddess admitted to not being completely comfortable with her body? Despite how many women would kill for her deadly curves, yes it’s true. Williams explained what she deems to be her biggest flaws with her body, saying:

“My thighs… I think they’re too big,’ she has said. ‘And also my arms. I think they’re too muscular. They’re too thick.”

Serena then went on to say that she tries not to think that way, but sometimes the “insecurity comes back.” She also said that women should know that they could be any size, and yet “be beautiful both inside and out.”

In other news about the sports star, it was just around a month ago that she was forced to pay a $10,000 fine after threatening a line judge for making a call not in her favor. Since, she has paid the fine and apologized numerous times for the incident.

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