Steve McNair Condo Rent Owed By His Estate?

October 4, 2009

Steve McNair’s condo rent since his death is currently being disputed by his late wife, Mechelle McNair. She claims that his estate should not be paying the rent. Read more about the story below.

Steve McNair

Gianikas Property Management filed a $1750 suit claiming that is the amount of back rent owed on Steve McNair’s condo. McNair’s widow, Mechelle McNair, has requested that the suit be thrown out.

Mechelle claims that Gianikas Property Management “drafted the Lease and is therefore responsible for and aware of the language clarifying that only agreements executed simultaneously with the Lease shall be included as part of the Lease.” Basically, Steve McNair only signed a co-signer form. Eight days later the lease agreement was signed, but did not bear Steve’s signature. Mechelle is claiming that since the co-signer agreement and the lease agreement were not signed simultaneously, then it is not valid. Steve’s cousin, Raymond White, is on the lease as the principal renter, which was taken out in October 2008. It is located near Centennial Park in Nashville. No one has lived there since August, but the June rent was late and July was never paid for.

26-year-old Adrianne Hobbs was listed on the electricity bill, and mail was sent to the condo in her name as well.

Steve McNair was found shot to death on July 4th, allegedly by 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi, who in turn killed herself. They were rumored to have been dating and Kazemi was beside herself after finding Steve with someone else.

What do you think folks? Should the estate be paying for Steve McNair’s condo back rent that is owed? Leave me a comment below.

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One Response to “Steve McNair Condo Rent Owed By His Estate?”

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    Col Benson Says:

    Surely the contract become void on the death of McNair. It is heartless if not legal to pursue the rent from his estate after he was allegedly murdered.