DMX vs Eric Martinez: Celebrity Fight

September 30, 2009

DMX is taking on Eric Martinez in the celebrity fight of the century! OK, maybe it’s not the fight of the century, but it’s at least the fight of the month of December. No? Alright, of that week? Still not buying it? It’s the biggest fight that will be held on Dec 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. Crap! I forgot that the Tank Abbot vs. Butterbean bout is being held there on that day.


Problematic rapper DMX, according to his song “Slippin” did his first jail bid at age 7, and now he is participating in a “Celebrity Fight” against Eric Martinez, whom we are told is an up-and-coming actor and musician. I just hope that “The Dog” knows that weapons are not tolerated in MMA fighting, and yes shanks are considered a weapon Mr. Dog. Nor is looking your opponent in the eye while your accomplice sneaks up from behind and hits him acceptable, or any of those other sneaky tactics you brag about in your raps.

Despite the fact that X has a rap sheet littered with assault charges, he may be best suited to fight behind bars not an octagon surrounded by a steel fence. On the other hand though, the hardened outlaw sure has had a lot of practice for this sort of thing. I for one am quite curious about how it will turn out.

Apparently X has been training hard for the bout. His reps told that he has been “working out really hard,” eating healthy, and just “looking forward to having some fun”. See that’s the difference between a gangster rapper and say a pop star. When the Jonas bros want to have some fun they probably open their favorite passage in the bible and then tweet about it, when a gangster rapper wants to have fun he beats some poor schmucks face in and then writes a song about it. To each is own, I guess…

The fight that has been dubbed “Alabama Pride” is scheduled to take place on December 12 in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

Are you looking forward to the DMX vs Eric Martinez “Celebrity Fight”? Who do you think will win? Let us know in our comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.


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