Kelly Osbourne’s Disappointing Tango on DWTS (Video)

September 29, 2009

After Kelly Osbourne gave a brilliant performance in her first go-round on “Dancing With The Stars” a week ago, her attempt at the Tango this week was disappointing. Read more about it here.

Kelly Osbourne

The pressure got the best of Osbourne and dance partner Louis Van Amstel on last night’s episode of DWTS, prompting a new slogan it takes two to Tango as long as the two aren’t Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel.

The reality star’s routine was plagued with missteps and nervous laughter. It seemed that for every blunder she retorted with a giggle, which didn’t make for an interesting routine in the least. After the performance only scored 19 points, Kelly apologized to Amstel for letting him down.

She then explained what went wrong, saying that:

“Basically, I just freaked out, I panicked”

Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne and fiancé Luke Worral were in the audience giving her an encouraging round of applause at the end.

Last week the two contestants earned a second place finish after their very impressive Vienna Waltz routine. So this week’s spectacle really came as a surprise to a lot of the show’s fans.

There are other notable events on the evening. The Muppets Gonzo and Animal made guest appearances, Baz Luhrmann sat in for judge Len Goodman – who is on leave – and Aaron Carter and partner Karina Smirnoff gave a spectacular performance that topped the scoreboard with 27 points.

Eliminations will be revealed on Tuesday.

Did you watch Kelly Osbourne’s disappointing Tango on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) on Wednesday? If not, good luck finding the video due to copyright issues, and if so, let us know what you thought about it in our comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

Kelly Osbourne 1Kelly Osbourne 2Kelly Osbourne 3Kelly Osbourne

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