Stafon Johnson’s Weight Lifting Accident Leads to Emergency Throat Surgery

September 29, 2009

USC tailback Stafon Johnson was injured in a weight lifting accident that landed him in the emergency room where he underwent throat surgery. Read more about the player’s condition here.

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It was just two weeks ago that Stafon Johnson was celebrating his team’s victory against Ohio State. Now the football player is in the hospital listed in critical condition after a freak accident in the weight room.

While bench-pressing, he lost grip of the bar and the weights landed on his neck. It has been reported that after the weights were cleared off of the college senior’s throat, he immediately began to cough up blood. Head coach Pete Carroll spoke about the accident saying that when Johnson left for the medical center that he was “ok” but was unable to talk.

Carroll also said in a statement that:

“No broken bones as far as I understand, but he’s got some damage in there somewhere, and they’re working it out, trying to figure out what it is. … It is serious.”

Despite the horrific outcome of the mishap it is still extremely fortunate that Johnson, who is in his final year of eligibility, was using a spotter during the set. If he wasn’t, who knows what the headlines would read right now?

USC will terribly miss Stafon’s contributions on the field this season as he is a standout player on the team, but they are hoping that Allen Bradford and Marc Tyler will be able to make up for his absence against Cal this weekend.

What are your thoughts about the weight lifting accident that forced Stafon Johnson to undergo throat surgery? Condolences? Let us know in the comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

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