Johnny Depp Reportedly to Be Replaced In Pirates Franchise

September 28, 2009

Johnny Depp is reportedly going to be replaced in the Pirates franchise, which includes the upcoming movie project “The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. Get the rest of the scoop here.

Johnny Depp 3

Now that Disney chairman Dick Cook is out of the picture, actor Johnny Depp has been open about the fact that he is less keen about coming back for the fourth installment of “Pirates”. This has many fans upset and some are even furious that they might loose their beloved Captain Jack Sparrow.

Seemingly all of the negative feedback about this shocking turn of events will not prevent Disney from making the film though. Cinema Blend reports that a tipster had told them if Depp decides to make his exit from the franchise he’d be replaced. Although, the studio is reportedly willing to increase Depp’s bounty to whatever it takes to keep him apart of the upcoming project “On Stranger Tides”.

There are two questions that must be asked. Without Cpt. Jack Sparrow do you even have a watchable movie? And are the characters that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley portray dynamic enough on their own to carry the film without Depp’s added zaniness? Personally, I don’t think so.

“On Stranger Tides” is expected to begin filming next spring, and will “use elements” of the Tim Powers book of the same name. We aren’t sure about all of the details, but a key point of the plot line is the crew’s search for the fountain of youth.

If in fact the hearsay is true and Johnny Depp is replaced in the Pirates franchise will you still watch the fourth installment of the series? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

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