Spanish Prime Minister’s Daughters Go Gothic (Photos of Zapatero Sisters)

September 28, 2009

In a recent photo that was uploaded onto the State Department’s Flickr stream you can see the Spanish Prime Minister’s daughters dressed from head to toe in gothic attire. Read more about it here.

Spanish Prime Minister

It seems that every teenager goes through a rebellious phase, and even the children of world leaders prove to be no exception. The two daughters of Spanish Prime Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, whom rarely appear in the media because of privacy concerns were photographed with their parents along with Barack and Michelle Obama covered from head to toe in black.

As fast as the picture could hit the web it caused a media uproar. In the photo you see both girls wearing black boots, what appears to be a black trench coat, and one of them is sporting an amulet around her neck and two black wristbands. This type of attire is typical of what you would see a person in the goth scene wearing.

Don’t get me wrong. No one is saying that these teens are evil or anything. A matter of fact, they might be very pleasant kids. I don’t know because I’ve never met them. And to be perfectly honest, I have no clue why this is such a big deal for people. They are young, and like many youngsters, just searching for a means of expression.

After the picture spread uncontrollably across the Internet the Spanish Prime Minister tried everything in his power to keep the photo under wraps, but it was too little too late. You can see it on almost every gossip, political, and news site on the web now, so he should just take it with a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on the Spanish Prime Minister’s daughters’ gothic wear? Let us know in the comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

Spanish Prime Minister


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9 Responses to “Spanish Prime Minister’s Daughters Go Gothic (Photos of Zapatero Sisters)”

  1. 1
    aplus32 Says:

    Hey, if they like it, I love it. Leave the little chicks alone. Let them be themselves.

  2. 2
    Bob Irving Says:

    Trouble about being goth is that it’s such hard work. There’s a twice-yearly goth gathering in Whitby, UK and they spend all changing into the right gear for the time of day. And all those big coats and dresses are so expensive….

  3. 3
    Stef Says:

    I don’t think these girls are ”
    goth” at all. Their mother is dressed from head to toe in black as well. I think they wanted their outfits coordinated and they chose basic black. I’ve never been to Spain, so I have no idea how people dress over there. I love wearing black, that doesn’t mean I’m Gothic.

  4. 4
    Erin Says:

    These young ladies deserve to grow up without the world judging them based on a single photograph of them dressed in black. Black does not make you ‘Goth’ even if it did that’s no reason to judge, ridicule or spend too much time ‘pondering’ on their current phase in growing up. Accept them as they are the same way people should accept all of us as we are. They are children for goodness sake, take out that photo of you with the afro and hippie clothes back in the Sixties and have it published if you feel you have the right to ridicule these children.

  5. 5
    err Says:

    Where do you see a trench coat? Someone has a good imagination!

  6. 6
    Hud Says:

    Forget about the young girls…what is Michelle wearing??? She looks like she is hiding under a blanket.

  7. 7
    Nat Says:

    @Stef: We do not dress like that in Spain. At least most of us don’t. You may have heard of “Zara” shops because they are all over the world now… Well, they’re from Spain.

    Zapatero’s daughters are goths and actually I am not surprised at all. There was an event a few years ago with famous singers against piracy and that sort of stuff, the girls were there and of course journalist were wondering who spanish PM’s daughters would approach to. Everyone expected them to want to talk to pop music idols so the press was quite surprised when they found out that they were actually looking forward to talk to a well-known spanish “heavy” band!

  8. 8
    Bob Says:

    Is this the facebook page of the Spanish Prime Minister’s daughter Laura Zapatero?

  9. 9
    Bob Says:

    Okay, I just found out that the Spanish Prime Minister’s name is Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, his wife’s name is Sonsoles Espinosa, and their daughters’ names are Laura Rodriguez Espinosa and Alba Rodriguez Espinosa.