Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Photos

December 3, 2007

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo hit the town Saturday night in Hollywood to attend Jessica’s BFF and former assistant, Cacee Cobb’s birthday party. You can see more photos of them below.

They had recently spent the Thanksgiving holiday together and with Tony having a bye week, it was time to party on Saturday night! The birthday bash for Cacee was at Hollywood nightclub Teddy’s, and both Jessica and Tony kept things on the downlow while in a secluded booth. Well, after a couple of vodka drinks for Jessica, they made no attempt to hide their public display of affection – making out throughout the night, and with their arms around each other.

What do you think of the pairing of this couple? Do you think this one will last? Or will it just be a matter of weeks before Tony moves on to the next one, much like he did with Sophia Bush?

See more photos of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo’s date night out below.

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