Reina Capodici is Justin Guarini’s Wife: Wedding Photos Coming?

September 28, 2009

Justin Guarini, the runner-up in season one of American Idol, recently made his longtime girlfriend Reina Capodici his wife. Get the rest of the scoop about the newlyweds here.

Justin Guarini 3

Attending the same high school, they carried out their relationship throughout the years, which lead to them exchanging vows on Saturday. The wedding ceremony took place in Doylestown, Penn, which is the former “AI” contestant’s hometown, and also where the couple’s current residence is located… I must say that in the wedding photos the couple looks truly happy.

The two began their engagement in Orlando, Florida last winter when Guarini was promoting the “American Idol Experience” ride at EPCOT. Under the theme parks nightly fireworks display, Guarini turned to his future wife and asked if she wanted “to spend the rest of her life” with him. She graciously accepted his offer, and the rest is history.

During an interview with Usmagazine, the talented singer talked about his big day saying that:

“The wedding went off without a hitch.”

A female minister from the “Universal Church” presided over the wedding that took place at a private residence located on the Delaware River. According to reports, the ceremony was beautiful, complete with music provided by the Vitamin String Quartet and a recitation from the brides young daughter.

Reciting jointly written vows at the “spiritual” service, the couple announced their undying love for one another before they were pronounced husband and wife.

There is also other exciting news for fans of the singer. Not too long ago, Justin revealed during an interview with that he intends on getting back into the studio to work on another album.

If you would like to congratulate Reina Capodici and Justin Guarini on their marriage, please feel free to do so in our comment section. You will also find photos and video below.

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