Tim Tebow Injury (Video)

September 27, 2009

The Gators came out victorious with a 41-7 win against the Wildcats today, but the news everyone wants to know about is Tim Tebow’s injury. Read more and check out the video of the quarterback getting knocked out during the third quarter of the game.

Tim Tebow

It was a typical Saturday for my family, being Floridians with family graduates from USF and UF we watched the USF vs. FSU game, and then the UF vs. UK. It was a great day for football, with USF taking home a win and the Gators whooping Kentucky.

The Florida game was going great, but we all knew Tim was already not up to his usual best – he had the flu and respiratory issues. Then during the third quarter, Florida’s beloved quarterback took a nasty hit to the head. While being sacked by defensive end Taylor Wyndham, Tebow’s head hit the leg of Florida’s right tackle Marcus Gilbert.

It was clear that he was hurt – the crowd went silent and Tebow lay there, not moving for what seemed like forever. He did finally get up, but his eyes were glassy and you could see that something wasn’t right. His parents came down from the stands, and he was eventually carted off the field and appeared to be vomiting.

Tim was taken to the hospital where he will be staying over night for observation. Urban Meyer, Florida Gator Coach, gave the update during his post game press conference.

“We’re going to find out more about Tim. We believe it is a concussion. He got hit pretty good, but that’s one tough cat. Our team will pray for him and he’ll be fine.”

My question is this – why was Tebow even playing at this point? It was the end of the third quarter, Florida was winning 31-7, and the poor guy was already sick. Why not take him out and let him rest. Next week is a bye week and he could have begun resting up and avoided this injury all together.

I hope Tim will get the rest he needs, and is not suffering any serious injuries. Here’s to a speedy recovery!!

Check out the video of the tackle that resulted in Tebow’s injury below.

Photo: Craig O’Neal

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