Seth Rogen on The Simpsons 21st Season Premiere

September 26, 2009

Funny man Seth Rogen will be guest staring on The Simpsons for the show’s 21st season premiere, airing tomorrow (September 27, 2009). Get the entire scoop here.

Seth Rogen 2

The comic genius lent his burly voice and his capabilities as a writer to the classic cartoon for its 21st season. This comes as a rarity for The Simpsons. In fact, Rogen joins comedian Ricky Gervais as the only other special guests to both write and do a voice over for an episode of the show.

Seth Rogen, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming movie “The Green Hornet,” which opens in 2010, said that his experience on “The Simpsons” was “one of the highlights of my life”. He then went on to exclaim to The Huffington Post that it was “surreal” and that he can “die a happy man now”.

Seth thought up the season premiere’s title “Homer The Whooper,” after he endured an excruciating fitness routine for his upcoming film… See, I knew exercise was good for something.

The character he created for the special edition of the show is a personal trainer, who has the task of whooping Homer into shape in order for the cartoon dad to become a superhero named “Everyman” in a movie.

According to the “Pineapple Express” writer/star:

“The whole joke is Homer is cast to play a guy who’s an everyman and they try to make him into this physically fit guy.” reports that Seth has two favorite episodes “Itchy & Scratchy Land” and the episode that “Bart sells his soul to Millhouse”.

Are you going to tune in to FOX to watch Seth Rogen on “The Simpsons” 21st season premiere on Sunday? Let us know in the comment section. You will also find pictures and a video below.

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