Jennifer Morrison Leaving House

September 26, 2009

According to recent reports, actress Jennifer Morrison is leaving the mega-hit Fox show “House”. Learn more about the show, and the reasons behind her departure here.

Jennifer Morrison 2

Sources confirmed to EW that Jennifer Morrison is in fact saying her goodbyes to the cast and crew of “House”. Representatives for both the network and the actress would not comment on the situation, but reports indicate that she did not quit.

It’s possible that the producers of the show 86’d Morrison for creative reasons, and they are probably right in doing so as she is the first original cast member to leave.

The final episode that she will appear in was filmed last week and will air in November. The gossip surrounding the subject was initiated a week ago when the actress was nowhere to be found at the programs Hollywood premiere screening.

Jesse Spencer, her husband on the series, will remain a part of the cast, which leaves many wondering how her exit will be made. From what we can gather, Morrison will not be killed off. EW reports that the writers have left the “door open” for her to come on as a guest further along in the season.

The man who originated the series, David Shore said the following, a while ago, in an interview:

“Chase and Cameron fans will be happy with the way we’re going to reintegrate them into the team — at least on a temporary basis.”

We should have taken that last part of his statement as hint as to what was about to come.

We are sure that there’s an abundance of highly opinionated fans out there, so let us here your opinion about Jennifer Morrison leaving house in our comment section. You will also find a picture and a video below.

Jennifer Morrison 1Jennifer Morrison 2Jennifer Morrison 3Jennifer Morrison

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18 Responses to “Jennifer Morrison Leaving House”

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  1. 1
    mark la ciura Says:


  2. 2
    Alice Says:

    when she is gone I am so not watching House anymore…

  3. 3
    Becca Says:

    I agree with you guys. Cameron was my favourite character and I just thought Jennifer brought something really crucial and fresh and engaging to the dynamic and without her I’m not watching the show either. At least not without a 100% guarantee that she will return, and frankly, I don’t believe a word the execs of this show say anymore.

  4. 4
    adam Says:

    dont be so immature, it’s not like she is the only good aspect of the show. you sound like the people who say “im moving to another country if theres a draft”, all drama and no substance.


  5. 5
    Emma Says:

    WTF. I am so sick of being screwed over by the writers again and again. they PROMISED us that both chase AND cameron would be back!!!
    im gone as soon as Jen is. This show has just gotten too much for me. They are getting rid of the best characters. Kutner was the only new one i could stand. Huddy makes me sick. The only times i was happy was when i would catch a glimpse of Cameron or Chase. I’m going to miss the “Hameron” moments greatly.

    As for Jen, I really hope she has a great career ahead of her. She’s been screwed over by the writers too often.

    ALSO, just to let those haters know – I’m not just going to stop watching house in “protest”. I’m going to stop watching House because now it seriously sucks, and they have just killed the only tiny good part.

  6. 6
    Elise Says:

    This news has made me so angry. Her character was what made me keep watching the show. Her person was what made me happier with life. She is a good person, and she doesn’t deserve to be taken off the show! Screw creative reasons! If they were creative, they wouldn’t need to keep taking people off the show, they would find stories to suit every viewer’s fancy!

    People don’t realize that this is a “cult” audience show. The avid viewers of this audience have their one character that they relate to or fall for, and if you take away one–especially one that has been on since the beginning–you take away a good chunk of the audience.

    She is the only reason I pull myself away from homework and friends to submerge myself into the realm to TV land. Now I have nothing. I have no distractions from my very boring, very pathetic life. She was all I had, and I was perfectly fine with it.

    I just hope and pray that you people know what you are doing…

  7. 7
    Christy Says:

    I hate to see her go. I really like the way she dealt with House and it really made for good chemistry. I hated to see them moeve her from the team. not everybody wants change!

  8. 8
    Ann Says:

    I thought she was already gone. LOL Her part had been cut back so drastically that I had all but forgotten about her (and Cameron).

    I like the show. House is the main draw. So long as that actor stays, the audience will stay.

  9. 9
    Jen Says:

    I’m sad that shes leaving since I was looking forward to some Chase/Cameron aspects, but I’ll still watch the show. Really, I will continue to watch unless that nix House, Wilson or Cuddy. Obviously they wont kill off the main character, but if Wilson or Cuddy go, the show is pointless.

  10. 10
    jo ann Says:

    Too bad. She brough alot of compassion and reality to the show, and her relationship and understanding of the House character brought alot of excellent interacting into play. She is also a very good actress. Hope that they change their minds about letting her go. In my humbe opinion it is a big mistake.

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