Ebony Jewel Rainford Brent Is A Cricket Player

September 25, 2009

Cricket player Ebony Jewel Rainford- Brent and her team have lost to Germany in what was said to be the “biggest match in national history”. Read more about Rainford Brent here.

European Cricket star Ebony Jewel and her team lost to Germany. The score was 6-2. The loss came after they made it all the way to the finals after twenty-five years. Although the event was bittersweet for Rainford Brent she still managed to show off her skills and talent.

As a biography Ebony Jewel Rainford Brent, full name Ebony Jewel Cora Lee Camellia Rosamond Rainford-Brent, was born in 1983 on the 31st of December. She was named after everyone in her family!

“Because I was going to be the last child in the family, they decided to give me names of everybody so no-one could complain – I think there had been problems in the past.”

Brent is a London native who goes by the nicknames Zebony and Slider. Ebony Jewel kicked off the start of her career at the age of seventeen. An all around athlete who also excels in basketball, football and squash, Brent was suddenly stationary after sustaining a back injury.

After a slew of medical opinions advising her to quit the game Ebony continued on with her passion. After recuperating and perfecting her craft she returned.

To date Ebony jewel Rainford Brent, a right handed player, has been a member of several teams. She has played with the England Under-17, the Surrey Women and the Marylebone Cricket Club.

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