Rachel Riley: Red Hot Countdown Girl

September 22, 2009

Countdown girl Rachel Riley is receiving both praise and criticism for a hot red dress she recently wore on the channel 4 show. Read more about the story here.

Rachel Riley

There are those that will classify the extremely tight and scanty red dress that countdown girl Rachel Riley was wearing on her afternoon program as risqué. However, with the program’s amount of viewers plummeting, the skimpy dress couldn’t hurt much, right?

The show went on as usual as the 23-year-old picture perfect blonde went about in her sexy attire placing letters on to the board. Although, what has many people wondering is that this isn’t the first time she wore an uncharacteristically revealing outfit this week. The initial daring dress was worn on Monday’s show, on which she slipped her figure into a pink lighter version of the controversial red dress. Leading us to believe that this could be a strategy to increase the show’s number of viewers.

The Daily Mail reports that in a recent interview with her, she opened up telling the publication that taking over for former brain box Carol Vorderman is no easy task. The difficulty of this endeavor has certainly been amplified by the simple fact that since Riley has replaced Vorderman in January ratings have fallen by almost half.

She discussed her hardship saying:

“When it was announced that I was taking over and people wrote comments and made judgments about me without even knowing me, that hurt. The thing I hated most was something I found on YouTube.”

What are your thoughts on the scorching countdown girl Rachel Riley? Tell us in our comment section. You will also find pictures by clicking here or watch a video below.

Rachel Riley

Photos: www.wenn.com

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