Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson Dating

November 28, 2007

Egads. Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson (more photos of her below)…again. Tony quickly moved on from his fling with One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, and even broke bread with Jessica at her grandparents’ home in Waco, Texas the day after Thanksgiving. Tony was a little bit busy on Turkey Day, what with a little football game he had to play in that day, where he led the Cowboys to a 34-3 win over the Jets.

After the game Thanksgiving Day, he went over to Hotel Zaza to meet up with Jessica and her parents, Joe and Tina Simpson. They then had a Thanksgiving dinner of their own at Dragonfly.

Poor Carrie Underwood…Tony Romo reportedly broke things off with her (ya think she’s taken a Louisville slugger to both of his headlights? heh heh) so that he could concentrate on his football season. So, he moves on to Sophia Bush and now Jessica Simpson. Oh sure, and dating Jessica Simpson will really keep you focused on your game, eh Tony? Heh.

Check out photos of Jessica Simpson below.

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