Leonard Cohen Collapses on Stage (Video, Photos)

September 20, 2009

Music icon Leonard Cohen collapsed on stage while performing in Valencia, Spain, just two days before his 75th birthday. You can learn more about his condition below.

Leonard Cohen

Food poisoning has been determined to be the cause of the Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s dizzy spell, according to reports. While playing a concert in Spain he fainted backstage, only to collapse again a few moments later.

The soon to be 75-year-old will celebrate his birthday tomorrow (Monday, September 21, 2009).

Somewhere around 30 minutes deep into the performance, while performing “Bird On The Wire,” it looked as if the musician lost his balance as he attempted to grab a guitar.

In video footage from the concert – which you can view below – you will see that his band mates immediately rushed to his aide. Medics administered treatment prior to taking him to the hospital via ambulance.

Approximately an hour after the incident occurred band mate and friend, Javier Mas, announced to the crowd that the aging performer was having stomach issues and would not return. He also told the audience that the singer would like to reschedule the concert.

If you would like to wish the music legend well, or have any thoughts on the matter, please write them in our comment section. You will also find the video of Leonard Cohen collapsing on stage and other pictures below.

Leonard CohenLeonard CohenLeonard CohenLeonard Cohen

Photos: www.wenn.com

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