Kanye West Interruption Meme

September 20, 2009

When the self-proclaimed “Voice of this Generation” interrupted country singer Taylor Swift at the VMA’s last week he probably didn’t realize that it would end up becoming the most talked about, parodied incident on the web this week. You will find the Kanye West interruption meme top 5 here.

Kanye West

As fast as he could steal another’s shining moment, people around the world reacted, causing the Internet to blow up with tweets, fuming blogs, and pictures mocking the egotistical performer. Despite the fact that Kanye has apologized on numerous occasions for the incident, even calling Swift to tell her that he is sorry, the public seemingly refuses to forgive him.

In fact, with Photoshop being so easily accessible nowadays, there are spoof pictures popping up everywhere. Most of the Kanye West Interruption Meme’s follow the same guidelines. He interrupts any number of events, every time announcing that he will let that person finish, and then he goes on to say how much better something else is.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Picture of the Titanic sinking, captioned: Yo Titanic, I’m happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but the RMS Lusitania had one of the greatest sinking’s of all time.

2. Screen-grab from “Back to the Future,” captioned: “Yo doc! I’m really happy for you, I really like the patterns on your shirt, but my hair has the busiest most ridiculous pattern of all time.”

3. Twilight snapshot, captioned: Yo Jacob Black, I’mma really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but Scott Howard was the best teen werewolf of all time.

4. A photo of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, captioned; Yo I know you’re declaring your independence and Imma let you finish, but the Magna Carta was one of the best historical documents of all time.

5. Picture of the Keyboard Cat, captioned: Yo Keyboard Cat Imma gonna let you finish, but yo, Ray Charles was the best Keyboard Cat of all time.

What is your favorite Kanye West interruption meme? Tell us in our comment section. You will also find photos and video below.

Kanye West Kanye West

Photos: Flashpoint /www.wenn.com

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