Volkswagen’s 240 mpg Car: L1 Concept (Video, Photos)

September 19, 2009

What a headline, Volkswagen’s 240 mpg car! Those who want extreme fuel economy have the L1 Concept to look forward to within three years. Keep reading for the exciting details on the vehicle also known as the one-liter car.


Yes, it is true, the new automobile was just revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 in Germany. As its name implies, it requires only one liter of fuel (roughly one quarter of a gallon) to travel 100 kilometers or 62 miles. Multiply that figure by four and for U.S. consumers that means fuel economy just got redefined; 240 miles per gallon! The new L1 Concept is reportedly close to production and in development by 2010.

According to The Telegraph, the Volkswagen car has a tandem seat design and weighs a mere 840 pounds.

The light weight and the remarkable fuel economy are achieved through the innovative use of lighter materials including carbon fiber, and a one half of a 1.6-litre TDI engine in a hybrid installation. The publication further reports the car achieves a top speed of 99mph, with 0-62mph acceleration in 14.3sec.

The Car Connection has additional specs (and pictures) of the car; among them, a driving range of 416 miles which the publication notes is farther, comparatively, than of an electric-only or plug-in electric vehicle. Not surprisingly, there is very little cargo space in the L1; 1.8 cubic feet.

Here and here are several photos of Volkswagen’s 240 mpg car, the L1 Concept. You can see the car in motion below.

Readers, what do you think of the L1 Concept, Volkswagen’s 240 mpg car? Will you buy it when it is available?


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2 Responses to “Volkswagen’s 240 mpg Car: L1 Concept (Video, Photos)”

  1. 1
    Kyle Says:

    STOP TEASING US! you me and everyone else on the face of this earth knows that the united states will never ever get to see or drive this tech marvel because of the oil companies so just stop teasing us already, if we had a car that get get 1/4 of that fuel mileage the gov. and exxon jerks would kill the maker of it

  2. 2
    owlafaye Says:

    Your advertisement intrusions are abominable…as to the VW auto:

    This IS viable in America…just a matter of getting California to convert to carbon output in grams per mile. California is not known to be too bright in these matters.