Michael Jackson’s Mom and Children Receive $86,804 per Month from the Estate

September 18, 2009

The amount of allowance that Michael Jackson’s children, and mom Katherine Jackson will receive every month, from the pop star’s former estate, was unveiled today. Read more about the story here.

Katherine Jackson

$86,804 dollars is the amount that Katherine Jackson will receive per month while MJ’s estate is probated. Special administrators offered her $26,804 monthly, and for the children, the family allowance is set at $60,000 monthly.

According to TMZ.com the docs go on to reveal that:

“The Estate assets consist of real and personal property exceeding $500 million and that the Estate is solvent.”

The allowance, which isn’t set in stone, will keep pouring in until the former Michael Jackson estate is probated. Reports indicate that this could be a matter of years.

The gossip site TMZ also managed to get their hands on Katherine’s monthly expenses. Here are a few of them: Assistant ($4,722), Insurance for her assistant ($475), Maid ($2,080), chauffeur ($2,000), Payroll and Taxes ($1,760), Utilities ($3,260), and Wardrobe ($3,500).

The petition lacks details on exactly how the cash will be spent on MJ’s children. Lawyers contended that revealing the names of the staff that help provide care for the kids could compromise their security.

What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, receiving $86,804 dollars per month from the estate to take care of her and the children? Let us know in our comment section. Also, you will find pictures and video below.

Katherine Jackson

Photos: www.wenn.com

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One Response to “Michael Jackson’s Mom and Children Receive $86,804 per Month from the Estate”

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    joann Says:

    Who would have a problem with how the 4 people Michael loved the most in the ENTIREworld receives? It was his money and by law, now becomes their money. I’m sure if michael could speak, by his standards, this is probably not enough. The judge/executors should be applauded for allowing michael’s family to live the life he provided, and I know would want them to continue to live.