WWE Chief Executive Resigns To Run For Senate!

September 17, 2009

WWE chief executive Linda McMahon has resigned, and will be running for Senate. Linda’s husband Vince will be taking over her responsibilities as WWE chief executive.


Linda McMahon has resigned from her position as WWE CEO as she wants to run for Senate.

Linda is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by Democrat Christopher Dodd. When she formally announced her candidacy she reasoned that Washington is “out of control” and Dodd has “lost his way and our trust.”

Linda will have a tough fight as she is up against three other Republicans, and Dodd also plans to run for his sixth term.

Linda has had a major role in the WWE since 1993. She and her husband Vince founded the company together and she has acted as President and CEO. Vince has been the chairman since 1980 and will resume Linda’s responsibilities as CEO.

In my opinion, making the move from the wrestling world to politics is very fitting. Wrestling is all about theatre, and these days it seems, so is politics (think Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during Obama’s speech). Another thing to note, is that if she is elected, I’m betting she’ll be taking a major pay-cut from her role with the WWE. I guess you have to admire her sense of service!

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