Serena Williams Tirade: Fined $10,500 and Apologizes for Outburst

September 14, 2009

Serena Williams was fined the maximum allowable financial penalty “on site” by the USTA of $10,500 for her tirade at Saturday night’s singles semifinal. She issued an apology for her behavior at a news conference earlier today. Read more about the story here.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams says that she wants to make it clear to youngsters that her shocking temper tantrum at Saturday’s singles semifinal was inappropriate and “not the way to act”. After winning the U.S. Open doubles title with sister Venus on Monday, at a post-match press conference she made what seemed to be a honest apology saying:

‘I’m a very prideful person and I’m a very intense person and a very emotional person. I wanted to offer my sincere apologies to anyone that I may have offended.””

Tim Curry, who is a spokesperson for the U.S. Tennis Association, initially tried to regulate questions from reporters, but Williams eventually overrode him and said that she would answer any questions. She also said that she would love the chance to speak to the line judge that she hollered at and “give her a big ol’ hug.”

Serena, who acted uncharacteristically with her outburst Saturday, then went on to say that she would not allow herself to lose control again, and that the biggest part of making a mistake is to learn from it.

Top-ranked duo Liezel Huber (U.S.) and Cara Black (Zimbabwe) fell to the Williams sisters at the U.S. Open doubles final, 6-2, 6-2, on Monday. This victory comes as the third Grand Slam doubles title of the season and number 10 for their career.

What are your thoughts on the Serena Williams tirade? Was her apology sincere? Is a fine of $10,500 fair? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. You will also find pictures and video below.

Serena WilliamsSerena WilliamsSerena WilliamsSerena Williams

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One Response to “Serena Williams Tirade: Fined $10,500 and Apologizes for Outburst”

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    bookman Says:

    Just saw where Roger Federer cursed the umpire. It did get the huge reporting Serena got. I am sure Federer will not get fined like Serena. This unfair and biased.