Jim Carroll, Punk Rock Icon, Basketball Diaries Author, Dies at 60

September 14, 2009

Punk Rock icon Jim Carroll died today at the age of 60 at his Manhattan home. Learn more about the death of the six time published author here.

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll, 60, was renowned for his poetry and musicianship, and will be missed after reportedly suffering a heart attack today at his home in Manhattan. He was probably best known for being the author of “The Basketball Diaries,” which was adapted into a movie in the mid 90’s starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

His album “Catholic Boy,” featured the song “People who Died,” which was released around the same time as John Lennon’s death, and was one of the top songs requested in 1980. The album was intended to express the “Bomb-fear anticipation, the optimistic nihilism and glittering darkness of the 1980s,” according to his Internet fan-site. It also helped launch him into the public spotlight as “rocks new poet Laureate,” said Newsweek’s Barbara Graustark. The album’s success stemmed from Carroll’s ability to mix rock ‘n’ roll with poetry that was written from his life experiences.

His take on life was very unique; fan-site Catholicboy.com sums it up best with a quote from the six time best selling author:

“There ain’t much time left, you’re born out of this insane abyss and you’re going to fall back into it, so while you’re alive you might as well show your bare ass.”

Readers, what are your thoughts on the life and death of “Basketball Diaries” author and Punk Rock icon Jim Carroll? Tell us in the comment section. You will also find pictures and video below.

Jim Carroll

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