Lenny Dykstra’s Ring From ’86 World Series For Sale

September 14, 2009

A bankrupt Lenny Dykstra is selling his world championship ring to help pay debts. How much will Lenny Dykstra’s Ring go for? Find out here.


One of the amazin’ Mets from the 1986 World Series Championship team appears to be amazingly broke. He recently filed for bankruptcy, and has since been auctioning off some of his most valued possessions.

It’s not just any ring, this one came from the ’86 World Series—one of the most memorable series of late. The most crucial error in recent baseball history occurred during game 6 of that contest, when Red Sox first basemen Bill Buckner mishandled a simple ground ball, allowing the Mets to extend the series into game 7. They went on to win it all, and earned the title of the amazin’ Mets.

I could rattle off the entire line-up of that team, but we’ll move on to the story. Lenny Dykstra’s financial troubles have led him to put the jewelry up for auction, which has an estimated value of $20,000. But that’s not all he’s trying to sell. The New York Daily News reports that he is auctioning off a number of other valuable pieces of memorabilia. The list includes:

-A replica World Championship trophy
-A home run ball from the ’86 World Series
-Three different All-Star Game Rings

Poor guy, let’s just hope he can pull out of these tough times. Check out a video about Lenny Dykstra, the man being forced to sell his championship ring below.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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