Broadcasting Hall Of Famer Ernie Harwell Diagnosed With Cancer

September 7, 2009

Detroit Tigers’ broadcasting hall of famer Ernie Harwell has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer at 91-years-old. Read more, and see photos and video here.

He’s called hundreds games, but is most well known for his work in Detroit, where generations of fans tuned in to hear his play by play for over 40 years. About his condition he told Wood TV8:

“…about a week ago, they did a couple of procedures, and got some more tests, and then the actual telling me that I had the tumor was (last week).”

Ernie Harwell was known for staying positive on the air no matter how the Tigers may have performed, which seems to be a metaphor for how he has responded to the news that he is seriously ill. He has turned to his faith to help him cope:

“…well I thought there might be bad news, but I was ready for it. I had a feeling of serenity and calm about it because I knew that God was in charge.”

He also doesn’t plan to do anything crazy knowing that his time may be limited. The nonagenarian won’t be skydiving, or scaling any mountains, he’ll simply spend time with his family.

Ernie Harwell became a broadcasting hall of famer back in the 1980s, when the MLB and his fellow sportswriters gave him the honorable distinction.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Ernie Harwell and his family.

See a video with some of his classic work below.

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