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September 4, 2009

The highly anticipated comedy Extract opened today (September 4, 2009) nation wide. Read more about the movie, plus browse pictures and watch the Extract trailer here.

Jason Bateman

Extract is a comedy that opens today, and was both written and directed by Mike Judge and exhibits an all-star cast. Jason Bateman will portray Joel, the guy who owns the extract factory, Ben Affleck (Dean) Joel’s best friend, Kristen Wiig (Suzie) Joel’s wife, Mila Kunis (Cindy) temp, Clifton Collins, Jr. (Step) a worker employed by the factory who is missing a body part due to a freak accident and is seeking a big settlement, Dustin Milligan (Brad) an escort hired by Joel to see if his wife is having an affair, Gene Simmons (Joe Adler) an attorney, J.K. Simmons (Brian), David Koechner (Nathan), Beth Grantas (Mary), and T.J. Miller (Rory).

The premise of the film is that a vanilla extract factory owner has to deal with difficult problems on the job, discontentment, and a run of bad luck. His wife Suzie is a reality TV nut. If he doesn’t make it home before 8:00 pm when she puts on her sweatpants it signifies that the two of them will not be engaging in intercourse that evening. Desperate, he turns to his friends for help. His best friend is a slacker named Dean who tells Joel that he needs to experiment and live outside his usual boundaries in order to breathe some life into his dull reality. Taking Dean’s advice he falls for an employee at the factory named Cindy, and pulls many desperate antics in order to be with her, however, after finding out that she has no interest in him, he needs to put the pieces back together at home.

Thoughts? Let us know them in the comment section. Also, you will find pictures and the Extract trailer below.

Jason BatemanT.J. MillerMila KunisBen Affleck
Extract Cast Photos

Extract Trailer

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