Jason David Frank: Former Power Ranger Turned MMA Fighter

September 3, 2009

Meet Jason David Frank, a former “Power Ranger” turned MMA fighter. Read more about the story, plus browse video, pictures, and a Jason David Frank biography here.


Jason David Frank, 36, has finally struck a deal with Suckerpunch Entertainment with his mind set on becoming a UFC fighter. This comes about two years after he was initially supposed to begin fighting. In a recent interview with Suckerpuch the former “Power Rangers,” Green Ranger said that he should of began competing back in 2007 “but it fell through,” and that he knows he has a target on his back because “Everyone is going to want to beat up the Green Ranger”. Then he went on to contrast himself against Youtube sensation Kimbo Slice, saying that he isn’t Kimbo, and that he has been training for an extended period of time.

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Jason David Frank

He was born on September 4, 1973, and is an actor/martial artist. He began his life long passion for martial arts at the age of four, receiving his black belt by age 12. He has been married twice, once to: Shawna Frank, whom he has three children with Jacob, Hunter, and Skye, and then again to current wife Tammie Frank, who is the mother of his daughter Jenna Raye.

He can contribute a lot of his success to his portrayal of Tommy on the show the “Power Rangers,” which he appeared in 243 episodes over a seven-season span. He is well versed in several forms of martial arts, and has created his own unique fighting style called “Toso Kune Do”. On June 28, 2003 the impact he had on martial arts was recognized by the World Karate Union, and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Frank’s debut bout was supposed to be against Ron ‘The Badger’ McMasters on June 23, 2007, but fell through when Frank opted out due to the fact that he believed the match would be commissioned under MMA rules as opposed to open fists.

Jason David Frank, over the course of his career made several television and film appearances including: Film – Fall guy: The John Stewart Story, The Junior Defenders, Paris, Groupies, Burning Desires. TV – Family Matters, VR Troopers/Cybertron, Sweet Valley High, Meego, Undressed, The Residents of Washington Heights, and Ultimate Goals.


Jason David Frank Video
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    HUH? Says:

    He was born in 1973 and he’s still only 33? Amazing!