Samantha Steele: Fox College Football Sideline Reporter

September 2, 2009

Check out Samantha Steele. She is a Fox College Football Sideline Reporter! Read about Samantha Steele with her biography and video after the jump.

Samantha Steele is the new Fox College Football Sideline Reporter! Steele is a native of Arizona and a graduate from Liberty University in Virginia. Check out photos of Samantha Steele here and read her bio after the jump.

Samantha Steele Biography

As a biography Samantha Steele is a Fox College Football Sideline Reporter who was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Steele attended Central High School where she excelled in softball, tennis, track and volleyball.

She attended three colleges over the years. Samantha attended King College in New York as well as Arizona State University. When she enrolled at the Liberty University of Virginia Steele began hosting and reporting for the college basketball and football games.

After graduation she began work as an intern for ABC Sports Radio before moving on to the field of Television entertainment to work for College Football Studio Show.

Recently Samantha Steele was interviewed by Kevin Flaherty of When asked what Samantha would bring to the job as Fox’s new College Football Sideline Reporter she replied:

“Sideline reporting isn’t exactly rocket science (shocking, I know). This is not to say that it’s an easy job, because it is not. When I’m working, I try and think of what it was like watching games my whole life. I always joke with my friends that whenever sideline reporters came on, my dad and brothers treated them like commercials…it was either mute or talk amongst themselves. I’m less concerned with getting across a perfect report then I am making fans feel like they’re part of the action. Everyone knows the head coach thinks his guys are working hard and are going to turn it around in the second half. I think it’s more interesting to tell fans that their left defensive tackles babysat twin girls all summer and got bulldozed by his d-end on a stunt in practice yesterday.”

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