Anna Mishchenko Is A Professional Ukrainian Middle Distance Runner

August 31, 2009

Check out Professional Ukrainian Middle Distance Runner Anna Mishchenko. You can read her biography and see video after the jump.

Professional Ukrainian Middle Distance Runner Anna Mishchenko attended the 23rd edition of the Banca Antonveneta EA Meeting in Padua this past Sunday. Anna reportedly finished her first lap in 58.82 right behind Elisa Cusma in the women’s 800 metre event.

Anna Mishchenko Biography

As a biography Anna Mishchenko is a Ukrainian runner who was born on August 25, 1983. Mishchenko’s forte is the 1500 metre event.

In 2006 Anna attended the Ukrainian National Championships. She placed first, winning the event. Two years later she went on to attend both the European Athletics Indoor Cup in Moscow where she placed sixth and the 2008 Summer Olympics coming in at ninth place.

Anna Mishchenko’s personal best to date in the 1500 metre event is 4:05.13. Her time in the 1000 metres is 2:39.00.

A video of Anna Mishchenko is below.

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