Vonda Ward Is a Professional Boxer

August 31, 2009

Meet Vonda Ward. She is a Boxer who is known as the “All-American Girl’. Read Vonda Ward’s biography and see video after the jump.

Vonda Ward stands at 6’5″ and weighs 190 pounds. Ward was once undefeated until she met boxer Anne Wolfe. Read about her career and see photos of Vonda Ward here with video after the jump.

Vonda Ward Biography

As a biography Vonda Ward is a professional heavyweight Boxer who was born on March 16, 1973 in Macedonia, Ohio. Nicknamed “The All-American Girl”, Ward is also a former NCAA basketball player.

In 2000, after leaving the WNBA, Vonda went professional in the world of boxing with her first fight on January 15th. Up against Faye Steffen Ward, she knocked her out in the first round. The following fourteen consecutive bouts ended, all in knockouts, in victory for the Ohio native.

Finally in 2002 Vonda Ward went up against Monica McGowan. Monica and Ward fought for ten rounds. Ward in the end came out on top and was named the new IBA’s World Heavyweight. After her victory win Ward continued on with her winning streak fighting boxers Martha Salazar and Kathy Rivers.

In 2004 she finally met her match when ward stepped into the ring with boxer Anne Wolfe and was knocked out. She ended up with a neck concussion and lost her title. This didn’t stop Vonda, who many thought would retire, she continued on and made her next boxing appearance in December of that year against Marsha Valley.

To date Vonda Ward carries a boxing record of twenty-two wins, seventeen by way of knockout, with one loss.

A video of Vonda Ward is below.

Vonda Ward Video
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