Antonina Krivoshapka Is a Russian Sprinter

August 31, 2009

Meet Antonina Krivoshapka. She is a Russian sprinter. Read about Antonina Krivoshapka below with her biography and video to follow.

Professional Russian sprinter Antonina Krivoshapka is on a career high this year. Krivoshapka just recently ran a 49.71 in the 400 metre event at the Berlin World Championships. Learn more about Antonina Krivoshapka’s career after the jump.

Antonina Krivoshapka Biography

As a biography Antonina Krivoshapka is a Professional Russian sprinter who was born on July 21, 1987 in Russia. Krivoshapka’s forte is the 400 metre event.

Antonina made her professional debut in 2003 at the World Youth Championships. Her recorded time in the 400 metre was 53.54 seconds. One year later Krivoshapka went on to compete in the 2004 World Junior Championships. She placed fifth.

The following two years proved to be difficult for the Russian sprinter for unknown reasons. She did not improve on her time. Antonina did however bounce back in 2007 and 2008 with times of 52.32 and 51.24 seconds.

In 2009, her best year yet, Krivoshapka attended the Russian Indoor Championships. Her recorded time was 50.55 seconds in the indoor 400 metre event. She also attended the 2009 European Indoor Championships and the Berlin World Championships. At both events Krivoshapka excelled. She took home a silver and gold medal with her teammates.

A video of Antonina Krivoshapka is below.

Antonina Krivoshapka Video
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